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Scuba diving dive guides
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The PADI Dive Guide
Information, maps, reviews and operators for diving in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia
Scubaburg Scuba Diving Community
Scubaburg is one of the fastest growing scuba diving communities on the internet with over 2000 visitors a day. Register your online scuba diving log book, book your next scuba diving trip, buy used gear, or post your personal photographs and more!
Scuba Diving Center
Guide to the World's best diving places. Resource for diving information. /diving-directory/diving-sites/
A totally free Scuba Diving information site for the Scuba Diving Community. Includes Scuba Dive Reviews, Scuba Diving Services. Scuba Information and Scuba Forums. Now with integration with Google Earth. All editable to registered users for free.
World Wide Scuba Diving
This web site is designed for individuals looking for the best possible vacation at the most reasonable price. Showing you how to plan and where to look for specific types of excursions, diving sites, short trips and long vacations..
I Like Scuba
Everything you need to know about scuba diving from equipment, training to certification. Find great resources, articles and more about scuba diving here.
Discounts For Divers
Discounts for Divers is dedicated to finding you the very best Scuba Diving special offers from all over our watery world. We are a "one stop shop" for last minute deals and early bird discounts on dive resorts and liveaboard scuba safaris, as well as free scuba diving offers and gear discounts.
Dive Territory
Information about scuba diving to give you a better understanding
Best Scuba Diving Tips
Information on essential items about scuba diving, including training agencies, basic and advanced classes, what to expect from instruction, scuba gear, and dive destinations.
Scuba Time Brokers
Scuba Dive diving around the world. Resort packages.
Wicked Adventure Diving
Scuba Diving Resource /Friends_and_Sponsors.html
Personal guide to individual diving and adventure holidays
scuba diving and adventure guide for tailor made holidays. actual infos, photos, maps. ideas and inspirations. personal consultation. booking at local prices.
Scuba diving has become one of the greatest recreational sports all around the world and can even be a profession. You have found the place you need to be your resource for scuba diving information.
A review site for dive centres and liveaboards /document_1.aspx?id=0:53928&id=0:35223
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