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Scuba diving dive guides
Site listing
Diving reviews and best spots to dive is the best guide for diving holidays. Neutral and up to date Diving Reviews for the best dive spots in the world and many more.
Asia Dive Site
Independent Asian scuba dive site and dive map guide with Asia Pacific dive and marine ecology newsfeed.
Asia Dive Site
SEA-EX Diving Resource
A new diving resource. Explore the waters of the world with diving. Learn to dive, diving boats, diving travel, diving gear, dive shops, books on diving and much more.
Argo-Nautic....How The Diving World Travels
How The Diving World Travels.....ArGo-Nautic Individual & Exclusive Dive Travel. Divers are always on the look out for that extra special place that has not yet been opened up for mass tourism. We pride ourselves in being able to find the most out of the way, pristine diving in the world  
Dive The World - liveaboards, resorts, scuba diving vacations
Diving vacations and holiday packages on liveaboard charters, scuba safaris and cruises, dive resorts, PADI courses, and tours, trips and travel worldwide.
Scubadoc's Diving Medicine
Comprehensive information about diving and undersea medicine for the non-medical diver, the non-diving physician and the specialist.
Diving and Scuba Diving Info, News, Equipment Shop, Travel & Community @
All-in-one Diving Portal with all diving and scuba diving information, latest news, gear shop, holidays and travel destinations. Free membership and great community. offers FREE WEBSPACE and web building tools for Dive Masters and Instructors to stay in touch with their divers. If you are a Dive Professional you get your own website with up to 5 GB of space for articles, galleries and videos.  
Travelling Diver
Diving guides, site information, maps, log books and much more!
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